Department of Physics and Astronomy

Instructor: Dr. Paul So Last Modified: January 12, 2022

Physics 266 - Introduction to Thermodynamics

Introduction to Thermodynamics is a one credit course and it corresponds to the first third of University Physics III (Phys 262).

If you are registered for Phys 266, you are responsible for all materials from Ch. 17 to Ch. 20 in:

University Physics with Modern PhysicsUniversity Physics with Modern Physics, vol.1, 14th Edition, by Young and Freedman (with Mastering Physics)

and you are required to attend ALL classes from January 25, 2022 to March 3, 2022.

Please refer to the Phys 262's main page for details on the text book and other course requirements.


Mastering Physics

All homework assignments are electronic. As an integral part of your course, you need to have access to this automated web-based physics homework system: Mastering Physics from Pearson. If you have purchased the text from the university bookstore, you should have Mastering Physics included already. If you have purchased your text book without Mastering Physics, you can purchase the online access key from the Mastering Physics site. All students must use Mastering Physics for their homework assignments.

To enroll correctly in Mastering Physics, please adhere to the following instruction:

All assignements are due on Friday 11:59pm.

The first assignment is a tutorial in using Mastering Physics. To get yourself familiar with MP, you should complete this homework assignment by the end of the first week of class.

Here to the Mastering Physics site.

Physics 266 Syllabus

Please read the assigned sections of the book before each lecture

* Jan. 17 M MLK Day
1 Jan. 25 Tu Ch. 17:17.1-17.4
2 Jan. 27 Th Ch. 17:17.5-17.7
* Jan. 31 M (EOB) Last day to add
3 Feb. 1 Tu Ch. 18:18.1-18.4
4 Feb. 3 Th Ch. 18:18.5-18.6 and Ch. 19:19.1
5 Feb. 8 Tu Ch. 19:19.2-19.5
6 Feb. 10 Th Ch. 19:19.6-19.8 and Ch. 20:20.1
7 Feb. 15 Tu Ch. 20:20.2-20.5
* Feb. 14  M (EOB) Last Day to Drop (50% Refund)
8 Feb. 17 Th Ch. 20:20.6-20.8
9 Feb. 22 Tu Ch. 33:33.1-33.2
10 Feb. 24 Th Exam #1 (Ch.17 - Ch. 20)