Announcements for Physics 262 will be posted here

Last day to add a class is on January 30 Patriotweb or Call 4GMU - Please register for your class before the deadline.
Last day to drop a class with a 33% tuition penalty is on February 13
Final Drop Deadline (67% tuition penalty) is on February 24
Selective Withdrawal Period (details) is from February 27- March 31

May 15:
I have completed the grades for the semester. They will soon appear on Patriot Web. The grades distribution for the semester is now on the exam page. If you want to know more about your individual scores, please send me an email. Thank you for the semester. Have a good summer.
May 4:
I will host a review section on May 9 (Tuesday) at 10am in the Conference Room of the Krasnow Institute. You can find the building on the campus map and the Conference Room is just to your right after the building's main entrance.
April 4:
Since we have not covered sufficient materials in Chapter 37, I have decided to delay the due date for Assignment #9 by one week to April 14 (Friday).
March 9:
I have just finished calculating your mid-term grade (PHYS 262) and final grade (PHYS 266). The class distribution is posted on the exam page and your grades have been entered into Patriot Web. If you can't see them or have any questions, please send me an email. Have a good spring break.
February 28:
Since the class did not do so well in our first exam, I have decided to provide an extra credits opportunity for everyone to learn from what they have done incorrectly and try to complete an extra credits problem in thermodynamics. The extra credits problem will be posted on Mastering Physics at 5pm this Friday and you will have until Sunday evening (March 5, 11:59pm) to submit your answer. Students with completely corrected answer will get up to 15 points for the exam. Please study the posted solution for the exam between now and this Friday. Ask me or one of your recitation instructors if you have any questions on the exam and its solution. Good luck.
January 16:
Welcome to the Phys262 web page. Your first lecture will be on January 24 (Tuesday). See you all in a week. If you are not familiar with the automated web-based homework system (Mastering Physics), please spend some time to get yourself familiar with it. There is a tutorial (your first assignment) on the website that you should go through it carefully. Please look at the Assignment Page for details in enrolling in Mastering Physics.