Announcements for Physics 262 will be posted here

Last day to add a class is on Stepember 4 Patriotweb or Call 4GMU - Please register for your class before the deadline.
Final Drop Deadline (no tuition penalty) on September 9.
Web Withdrawal Period (100% tuition liability) is from September 10 to September 30.
Selective Withdrawal Period (100% tuition liability) is from October 1 to October 28.

October 5:
I have calculated PHYS 262's mid-term grades and PHYS 266's final grades. The final combined scores (exam+hw+recitation) distribution is now posted on the exam page. The mean is 72/100 with a standard deviation of 15. I am able to post PHYS 262's mid-term grades on Patriot Web but I was not able to post PHYS 266's final grades on Patriot Web. I will contact the Registrar to see what might be the issue with Patriot Web. In the meantime if you want to know your final grades for PHYS 266, plesae send me an email.
October 2:
I have finished grading all the exams and I will distribute them back out to you all on Wednesday. The distribution of the grades for the exam is now posted on the exam page. The mean is 69/100 with a standard deviation of 17. I am still waiting for the recitation scores from your recitation instructor. When I have them, I will then calculate your mid-term (PHYS 262) and final (PHYS 266) grades.
July 30:
Welcome to the Phys262 web page. Your first lecture will be on August 27 (Monday). See you all in a week. If you are not familiar with the automated web-based homework system (Mastering Physics), please spend some time to get yourself familiar with it. There is a tutorial (your first assignment) on the website that you should go through it carefully. Please look at the Assignment Page for details in enrolling in Mastering Physics.