Lecture: Nguyen Engineering Building 1103, 11:30a-12:20p (MWF)
Office: Planetary Hall - Room 203B
Phone: (703) 993-4377
email: paso at gmu dot edu
Office Hours:
  • Wed 1:00p-3:00p
Text Book: University Physics with Modern Physics, vol.1, 2 & 3, 14th Edition, by Young and Freedman (with Mastering Physics)
  • Exam #1 (Sep 28 Fri 11:30a-12:20p) - 25%
  • Exam #2 (Nov 2 Fri 11:30a-12:20p) - 25%
  • Final (Dec 14 Fri 10:30a-1:15p) - 30%
  • Homeworks: 10%
  • Recitations: 10%
  • Physics 266 (click here)
Home Page:
  • http://complex.gmu.edu/www-phys/phys262

Physics 262 is the last of a three-semester calculus based introductory physics sequence for science majors. This course covers a wide range of topics including Thermodynamics, Optics, Special Relativity, and Modern Physics. Together with PHYS 160 and 260, the university physics sequence is designed to give students a working knowledge on the fundamental principles of both classical and modern phyhsics. It also helps you to develop analytical and problem-solving skills which are critical to the learning of every well-educated student.

General Class Policy (Please read this section thoroughly.)

Honor Code: It is expected that students adhere to the George Mason University Honor Code as it relates to integrity regarding coursework and grades. The Honor Code reads as follows: To promote a stronger sense of mutual responsibility, respect, trust, and fairness among all members of the George Mason University community and with the desire for greater academic and personal achievement, we, the student members of the University Community have set forth this: Student members of the George Mason University community pledge not to cheat, plagiarize, steal and/or lie in matters related to academic work. More information about the Honor Code, including definitions of cheating, lying, and plagiarism, can be found at the Office of Academic Integrity website at http://oai.gmu.edu.


You MUST attend all your recitations. 10% of your grade will be evaluated on your participation during recitations.

Recitations are scheduled for every week on the following dates and your first recitation section will start in the frist week of classes. Your recitation instructor is Prof. Nikolic (pnikolic at gmu dot edu). You need to sign up for either one of the following two sections:

The first assignment is a simple tutorial helping you to learn to use the Mastering Physics Website. You need to get yourself familiar with Matering Physics starting in the second week of class.

Homework assignments are 10% of your total Grade. You are encouraged to work on your homework assignments together in small groups but copying homeworks from each others is not allowed. Late homeworks will not be accepted except with VALID medical excuse.

Rectation attendance/performance is 10% of your total Grade.

Tutoring Information: TBA

Examination Policy

The two exams will typically have 4 problems (or questions). Calculators will be needed for quantitative problems. Materials covered in these two exams will be as follows: (Exam #1 - Ch. 17-20; Exam #2 - Ch. 33-36) but be advised that physical concepts from a later chapter might depend on knowledge from previous chapters. For each exam, one problem with the lowest points will be dropped.

The final exam will have 4 or 5 problems (or questions). Calculators will be needed for quantitative problems. The final exam will be COMPREHENSIVE with additional materials from the remaining chapters 37-41. Similar to the other two exams, one problem with the lowest points will be dropped..

Although every effort will be made to adhere to the examination schedule given in the syllabus, the instructor reserves the right to alter the examination schedule during the semester as the necessity arises. If the examination date falls on an unexpected school closing date due to weather or other events, the examination will be postponed to the next regularly scheduled class meeting.

It is the responsibility of each student to attend classes during scheduled examinations as listed in the syllabus regardless of work or family considerations. Made-up exams will be given only to students with VALID medical excuse and they should contact the instructor as soon as they return to school.

THERE ARE NO DROP OPTIONS FOR EXAMS. All exams (two midterms and one final) will be counted toward your final grade.

If you are a student with a disability and you need academic accommodations, please see me and contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at 993-2474. All academic accommodations must be arranged through the DRC.