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School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences
Colloquia for Fall 2013
Organized by Ernest Barreto

Colloquia were held Thursdays at 3pm in room 1110 of the Nguyen Engineering Building. See the movie below for directions to this room. Refreshments were provided.

Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Link
05 September  Jason Kinser SPACS, George Mason University
Modelling of F-Actin Fibers within Constrained Geometries
12 September Jeff Nelson Department of Physics, College of William and Mary
A Neutrino Oscillation Update: Final MINOS Results
19 September Juan Cebral SPACS, George Mason University
Understanding Cerebral Aneurysms Through Computational Modeling
26 September Vladimir Airapetian Sigma Space Corporation, NASA/GFSC and SPACS/GMU
Evolution of Stellar Atmospheres: From the Sun to a Red Giant
03 October Indu Satija SPACS, George Mason University
Quasicrystals: A Different Type of Ordered States of Matter with Non-Trivial Topology
10 October Rainald Lohner
SPACS, George Mason University
On the Modeling of Pedestrian Motion
17 October Louis Pecora Naval Research Laboratory
Symmetries, Cluster Synchronization, and Isolated Desynchronization in Complex Networks
24 October Krishna Vemuru SPACS, George Mason University
Spin and Orbital Magnetism in Correlated Electron Ferromagnets from X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
31 October Edward Wegman SPACS, George Mason University BIG DATA, Technology, and Analysis
07 November Fereydoon Family Emory University, Department of Physics
Physics Puts New Lens on Major Eye Disease
14 November Kirk Borne SPACS, George Mason University What is Data Science and Why is it Needed?     Click HERE for Prof. Borne's slides (PDF)
21 November Robert Ehrlich SPACS, George Mason University Evidence for a Peak at 5.86 PeV in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum: Implications for Tachyonic Neutrinos and Cosmic Strings
28 November Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving -- no colloquium Thanksgiving -- no colloquium
05 December Rhonda Dzakpasu Georgetown University, Department of Physics The Balance of Plasticity and Stability in an In Vivo Network of Neurons

Map and Directions

Physics 703 form: Word or PDF

Click on the image below to see a movie showing how to get to the lecture room upon entering the Engineering building. Room 1110 is at the end of the hallway you see at the end of the movie.