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Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Graduation Information

Congratulations on your PHYS PhD progress!  As you work with your Dissertation Committee in completing your Doctoral Dissteration, the following information will help you to navigate the last few steps in obtaining your degree.

There is a special check list with deadlines on the Registrar website for graduating PhD students:

In addition to the Graduation Application deadline (typically early in the semester that you are planning to graduate), please play special attention to the hard deadline in submitting your dissertation to the University.

To help you in preparing for your dissertation, please visit the following the University Dissertation & Thesis Services page administrated by the GMU Library:

Please plan your Dissertation Defense with the Dissertation Submission deadline in mind. Ideally, you should plan your Defense with sufficient time ahead of this deadline so that you can include edits and corrections from your Committee. Also, the College of Science also requires all graduating students to have a Pre-Defense at least 30 days before the actual Defense. The Pre-Defense can simply be a practice event with your advisor and committee in getting yourself ready (to iron out all the kinks so to speak) before the actual Defense. When you have decided on a Defense date, please send an announcement to the COS Office of Academic Affairs at least two weeks ahead to put the scheduled Defense date on a public announcement schedule. The Defense needs to be an open event for all University members, you need to work with the SPACS front office staff to secure a room for it. Obviously, you need to work with your committee to make sure that all committee members can attend your Defense.

For your Defense, there are two forms that you need to bring along to get approval signatures from your committee after your Defense:

  • Dissertation Signature Page (to be submitted with your Dissertation)
  • Doctoral Defense Form

You can get these two forms on the this website under Forms.

Lastly, also please plan ahead with the Dean's Office and Physics and Astronomy Office so that you can get all the necessary signatures for your forms after your Defense and before the Dissertation submission deadline.

Good luck with the remaining work on your dissertation. If you have any questions, please contact the program director.


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General questions and requests for additional information should be directed to the graduate program director.