ECE 499 - Introduction to Bioengineering - Spring of 2007

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Instructor: Nathalia Peixoto.

Classes on Mondays (3 to 4:15pm), Innovation Hall, 205; and Wednesdays (3 to 4:15, most of the weeks), Innovation Hall 205 (first three weeks) or Science and Tech II, 268 (after Feb. 9th).

Office hours: Mondays from 10 to 11:30am; Wednesdays from 1 to 4:30pm.

Syllabus as of 01/22/2007.

Course material: available online through (password provided in class).

week lecture homework/files Wednesday class observations
1/22 systems physiology hw1 due 1/29 Labview 1/3 1/31 - LV (hw2) due today.
1/29 systems physiology 2   Labview 2/3 LV tutorials here
2/5 cell physiology

text (careful: 24MB)

if you prefer to copy the cell phys text, please get it from me (in my office) Labview 3/3

in class activity

Binary file with testsignals

(careful: 14MB)

2/12 cell physiology (Nernst, APs)

additional text (3MB)

HW3 due (circuit layout) snow, icy day. PCB Etching starts the week of 2/19

biomaterials (ppt)

biomaterials (pdf, same file)

(text available through e-reserves at the Johnson Center library) Schmitt triggers, Right leg drive (isolation from ground), and layout Check out files, questions &

answers in Webct!

Most active people will receive extra grade (most active = largest number of questions and/or answers).

2/26 drug delivery (pdf)

drug delivery (ppt)

HW5 due 2/26 Neurot and glove demos; scheduling and Lab Ethics  
3/5 biomedical sensors   Experiment 1, part 1 midterm is take home, and is due on 3/19 at 2pm.
3/12 spring break na n.a.  
3/19 Mason Hall Dr. McVeigh's lecture. Please go directly (at 3pm) to Board Room, in Mason Hall. There is no class today.
Experiment 1, part 2  
3/26 biomedical sensors, electrochemical sensors Homework #6 due 04/02. Exp 2, part 1  
4/2 biopotential electrodes   Exp 2, part 2  
4/9 physical sensors and biosensors Homework #7 due 04/16 Exp 3, part 1. Lab report 1 due. Lab report 1 due today (Wednesday, 4/11).
4/16 biomechanics   Exp 3, part 2  
4/23 nervous system   Exp 4, part 1  
4/30 lab 4, part 2 (Lecture will be on Wed)   rehabilitation  
5/7 genomics na presentations / lab discussion I'm available for questions/answers.
5/14 final exam na