Senseless Extremes by Easley Blackwood

Senseless Extremes

by Easley Blackwood, Professor of Music, University of Chicago

The following essay uses only one vowel: the letter 'e'.

Severe stresses were expected, yet recent events seemed extreme. Even the experts were perplexed.

Where were the three elected regents? Where were the eleven respected clerks? Where were the seventeen esteemed referees? Where were these men when we needed them? Elsewhere!

The regents sneered, the clerks jeered. The referees rebelled, then rejected the secret decree. The clerks embezzled the regents' defense settlement; were themselved then expelled. The referees were reversed, the clerks then sentenced.

Where end these senseless excesses? Where? When? Here? There? Next week? Next September? Next December? Ever? Never?

Yes, gentlemen, these events tell the essence, yet remember: rejected extremes set precedents nevertheless!

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